Refund Policy


You have the option to schedule another assignment of equal value if you need to cancel your order before we have allocated your task to work on it for some reason. If, on the other hand, a writer has been assigned to your project, you must keep working in the same order.  This policy was created to compensate the writer for the time he or she has already spent on your project.

If you discover that you have been charged twice for the same order and have received two receipts from our payment processing system, please do not hesitate to contact us and inform us of the problem.

You can email us both receipts, and we’ll promptly refund your additional money in full. We always make sure to assign the most qualified writer from our staff to your projects based on their topic, but in the rarest of circumstances, a competent writer may not be available to finish your papers. If this case arises, we guarantee that we will complete your next assignment of equal value at no cost to you.

We recommend that you double-check that you have all of the paper specifics and other extra paperwork when placing your order. If the first version of your papers is provided after the real deadline due to unavoidable circumstances, we will improve the quality of your documents. This manner, the late submission penalty will have no impact on your overall grades. For you, we’ve created a policy of complete satisfaction.

We will continue to work on your report and consider adding revisions until you are completely satisfied and it meets the initial set of job criteria. However, you must do it within a month’s time (31 days).

After one month from the date on which you gave us the job, all requests for rework will be ignored. You will not be entitled to get money back in this situation. Although it is unlikely that you will fail your assignments, in the unlikely event that you do, we will return 50% of your money.

In this case, you must produce factual proof of failure within one month (31 days) of the assignment’s completion. After one month, we will not entertain any further requests.

We can only refund half of the money because we pay the writers in advance and it is impossible for us to recover the money. We do not return money in this service, with the exception of clause 2 in this list. If we judge your claims to be true based on the grounds indicated previously, we will do free assignments for you at the same price even if you reimburse the money.

Please note that if your claim does not fall into one of the categories listed above, it will be deemed invalid, and you will not be eligible for a refund.

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